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Motherhood and Creative Work —What the Struggle Can Teach Us

1. I looked at my phone — 7:45. I took a deep, relieving breath and kicked off my outdoor sandals in exchange for my comfy sleepers. I’d just got back from walking my son to school. We’d transferred him to a new school this year for its short distance from home—10 mins walk, driving time saved and more margin for me to do the … Read More Motherhood and Creative Work —What the Struggle Can Teach Us


On Pursuing Dreams as a Mom

Your life doesn’t need to look like your friends’.

The Confession of a Mom (a Former Evolutionist )

I didn’t want to have children. As the only child growing up in China, I was often told how burdensome I was by my mom, especially when she’s angry at me about something. I’m sure she had her point. An ambitious career woman as she was, to have me must’ve brought her much inconvenience in pursuing her perceived success in life. She loved me … Read More The Confession of a Mom (a Former Evolutionist )

Thrive Where You Are

It was a fine spring afternoon. My baby just woke up from his nap and I decided to take him out for a walk along the Geneva lake.  The crispy air brought the hearty fragrant greeting of the spring flowers. The lake reflecting the soft sunshine looked like a huge glowing sapphire. My baby was happily enjoying the weather and the view with a … Read More Thrive Where You Are

My Gift of Thanksgiving

We just said goodbye to Thanksgiving and already the sweet Christmas vibes is in the air. I can’t believe how fast this year has been. As I’m sitting in my comfy sofa-chair in the living room, thinking about this year, I realised how full and wonderful it has been to us and how much I’ve learnt and grown. Graduating from seminary, being pregnant, learning … Read More My Gift of Thanksgiving

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