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How to Keep Peace While Pursuing Your Dreams — A note to creative moms

Do you desire more than a domestic life?


From Scarcity to Abundance— How a family of 4 learned to thrive in a one-bedroom apartment

You and I were made to live in abundance in every season with our Creator. 


Finding Confidence in Being Yourself

You weren’t made to fit in.


Grow Slow

The steps of a man are established by the Lord when He delights in his ways.


Faith and Visas

When I flew from Nanjing and landed at Beijing airport that early summer morning, I didn’t know I would be stuck in the city for the next five days with only one day’s changing clothes packed in my small backpack. I hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take me straight to the South Africa embassy. I was going there to pick up … Read More Faith and Visas


How a Deep Comfort Surprised Me Before a Thunderstorm

Extraordinary thing happens.


How I Was Surprised by Joy at a Liechtenstein Castle

How often, we thought we knew, but we didn’t.


It was mostly a rainy day. We decided to drive along the lake. As I was driving, the wet cloudy view outside the car window was calling for something like a mug of steam hot chocolate… something cozy. A yearning started to appear in my heart, a yearning for home… I told my husband my feeling and he said, “we just left home for … Read More Homeward

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