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More than Enough

Serve one master.


How to Be Content Here and Now

No one else has the privilege to live and experience the wonder of your life.



6:03 am, I woke up before my iPhone went off. I got up, walked gingerly to the anteroom/office, poured myself some water, and sit down in an armchair at a small desk with my bible opened. Thus, I had started my morning routine.  Just recently, I decided to get up about one hour earlier than my kids for my morning routine. This decision is … Read More Everything


Reframe for Joy

One  “I want my diaper changed. ”  It was 8:30 am. I heard my two-year-old son talking to my husband in the living room, while I was sitting at my desk praying to God for some fresh words for the day.  I knew right away that my husband would need some help in getting the diaper from the bedroom where our baby girl was … Read More Reframe for Joy

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