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Plow in Season​

Our first born son Caleb turned one last week! What a milestone for new parents! What I had hoped to do was to take some time reflecting the first year of my motherhood through the photos and videos we took over the year, only if we didn’t end up rushing into hospital emergency room with our son 4 days prior his birthday.  Caleb had … Read More Plow in Season​

What I’ve Learnt as a New Mom

I was woken up by the baby’s crying at 4:50 am, and it was the non-stop, continual kind of cry, which meant my baby was hungry. My beloved husband got up from our warm cozy bed and went to the crib. He took the baby out and brought him to me. I fed him. Then the baby went back to sleep, so did we. … Read More What I’ve Learnt as a New Mom

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