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Leaving Switzerland in Two Weeks and Final Sales

Living an abundant life can not be without purpose.


From Scarcity to Abundance— How a family of 4 learned to thrive in a one-bedroom apartment

You and I were made to live in abundance in every season with our Creator. 


Take Your Place

Wake up to your true self and take your seat at the table.


Into His Abundance

What feels bad isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Claim Growth in a Challenging Season

Where there is growth, there is abundance.


A Life Lesson from a Mountain Top

Worship arises inside of us at the sight of the best nature could offer.


Reframe for Joy

One  “I want my diaper changed. ”  It was 8:30 am. I heard my two-year-old son talking to my husband in the living room, while I was sitting at my desk praying to God for some fresh words for the day.  I knew right away that my husband would need some help in getting the diaper from the bedroom where our baby girl was … Read More Reframe for Joy

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