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Taking a Break from Weekly Blogging

A personal update.


I started regularly journaling maybe since I was ten. I gradually fell in love with this exercise. I loved to keep a notebook with me all the time. I wrote when I felt happy, sad, or bored. I wrote when inspirations hit me or just for the sake of passing some extra time. I also fell in love with books at a young age. … Read More Becoming

A Song

“You love me in the blessing You love me in the testing You love me in the giving You love me in the taking You love me so well, You love me so well,         Better than I can ever imagine… ”

I Belong to You

You Belong to Me (1952 song) See the pyramids along the Nile Watch the sunrise from a tropic isle Just remember, darling all the while You belong to me See the marketplace in old Algiers Send me photographs and souvenirs Just remember when a dream appears You belong to me I’ll be so alone without you Maybe you’ll be lonesome too And blue Fly … Read More I Belong to You

At Burtigny Village

This is the two different views out of my bathroom window on the same day. The snowing morning and the glowing clear evening, at this tiny village called Burtginy where my home is right now. 🙂

Morges on a Sunny Winter Day

Geneva City

Raining Day

This is my first English blog. I wish it can go very far… Living outside of China, life is very different from before. I hope to write boldly of my Asian and Western perspective of what I see, perceive and feel. It will be good. I just need to do my home work! 🙂 It’s cold and raining outside, but my heart is hot. 


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