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Six Months in UAE (a gift inside)

How do you want to live in this unpredictable and problematic world?


How to Keep Peace While Pursuing Your Dreams — A note to creative moms

Do you desire more than a domestic life?


See Them as Soils — A Mindset Shift from Achieving to Becoming

We will never catch up if we chase an illusion.

Leaving Switzerland in Two Weeks and Final Sales

Living an abundant life can not be without purpose.


3 Lessons for Feeling More Fulfilled and Purposeful— Thoughts on My Birthday

About life purpose and goal-setting


6 Tips for Finding Time to Do Creative Work as a Busy Mom

Growth is quiet and slow.


On Pursuing Dreams as a Mom

Your life doesn’t need to look like your friends’.


When Life Gets Hard and Unclear

We have a path forward even in our darkest days. 


When Season Changes

The Creator of seasons will guide us in every season of our life.


Who You Are Is Enough

Who am I to be?


Reframe the Narrative of the Day

Living well is about reframing and choices.


On Quality Time in Sickness

You are more than what you do.

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