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Dare to Claim Abundance Here and Now

This grace in which we now stand has promised us all that we need for each day, no matter how hard this season seems to be.


From Time Travel to Surrender

I recently watched a British film called “About Time.” It’s a story about a family whose male members possess the ability to travel back in time. They could go back to any occasion in the past and live through it again. They could, in the exact moment, choose to do things differently from the first time. Towards the end of the film, Tim, the … Read More From Time Travel to Surrender


Just watched a film called Brooklyn. It’s about an Irish girl saying goodbye to her hometown and going to New York searching for a new life, a better life. My husband and I watched it together on our “fun night” and we both loved it. I loved it because it reminded me a lot of my own feeling in the past. Saying goodbyes and … Read More Brooklyn

Way to Live

The story began with this young girl who lost her dad, was sent away from her mom and adapted to a new family. It was during the second world war, in Germany, where death and fear had been shrouded the whole nation especially among the Jews. It was a rather heavy historical context. In the beginning, I was not sure if I wanted to … Read More Way to Live

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