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From Scarcity to Abundance— How a family of 4 learned to thrive in a one-bedroom apartment

You and I were made to live in abundance in every season with our Creator. 


If Tulips Had Memories

Let tulips be tulips.


When Season Changes

The Creator of seasons will guide us in every season of our life.


More than Enough

Serve one master.


4 Steps to Achieve Your Next Right Goal

Know the context of your goal-setting.


Into His Abundance

What feels bad isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


An Autumn Gift for You

My “Thank You” for riding along!


Remember the Why of Your Goals

When the work is hard, and fears creep in, tackle it anyway.


An Afternoon Walk Along Lake Geneva

Kindness, bravery, and beauty can always be found.

What to Live for

I felt I finally have something to say. It’s been a while since my last article, I know. Four months. I’ve been on a search for four months long. With all my heart, I was hoping for something that’s not mine. God took me on this search. He was with me during the process and leading me in each step. I searched for a … Read More What to Live for

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