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See Them as Soils — A Mindset Shift from Achieving to Becoming

We will never catch up if we chase an illusion.


Some Things Changed, Most Things Remain — Navigating transitions in the UAE

Everything in life is a gift.


3 Lessons for Feeling More Fulfilled and Purposeful— Thoughts on My Birthday

About life purpose and goal-setting

From Scarcity to Abundance— How a family of 4 learned to thrive in a one-bedroom apartment

You and I were made to live in abundance in every season with our Creator. 


Take Your Place

Wake up to your true self and take your seat at the table.


For The Weary Hearts in Waiting

A desire fulfilled is a tree of life.


Made for Beauty

Whenever we face challenges, we face a choice.


Who You Are Is Enough

Who am I to be?


Reframe the Narrative of the Day

Living well is about reframing and choices.


The Power of Being Present

How you spend your moment is how you spend your life.


Shift of Perspective

What can you do with what you have to serve the people in your life best?


Walk Your Lane with God

It’s a disservice to God and a waste of time to wish for someone else’ life.

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