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Six Months in UAE (a gift inside)

How do you want to live in this unpredictable and problematic world?

Leaving Switzerland in Two Weeks and Final Sales

Living an abundant life can not be without purpose.


3 Lessons for Feeling More Fulfilled and Purposeful— Thoughts on My Birthday

About life purpose and goal-setting

From Scarcity to Abundance— How a family of 4 learned to thrive in a one-bedroom apartment

You and I were made to live in abundance in every season with our Creator. 

Finding Confidence in Being Yourself

You weren’t made to fit in.


Made for Beauty

Whenever we face challenges, we face a choice.


Shift of Perspective

What can you do with what you have to serve the people in your life best?


Reflect on 2020 and Think Big for 2021

You are made to create!


4 Tips for Designing a Small Apartment

You can create a home you love right where you are.

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