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3 Things I’ve Learned in Waiting

Did you find the purpose in your waiting?


4 Tips to Have a Joyful Day

Joy will increase your capacity to love.


Mid-Year Reflection

A good way to measure growth, reset, and reevaluate


Surrender to Become

Who gets to define the best version of you and me?


Do the Work Behind the Scenes

A different way to get your creativity flow.


Daily Planning Guide for Beginners

To live life well boils down to spend every minute and hour well.


Rediscover the Meaning of Work

You don’t need a job to do the good work that lasts.


Waiting Not

How many days in our life do we find ourselves waiting for something? Waiting to grow up a bit more to put on that gorgeous dress or drive a car, to hear the university entrance exam result, for that phone call from someone special, a job interview, a visa to a foreign country, an engagement ring, or for the labor to start to give … Read More Waiting Not


It Is Not Too Late to Begin

Thoughts on my 35th birthday

What to Live for

I felt I finally have something to say. It’s been a while since my last article, I know. Four months. I’ve been on a search for four months long. With all my heart, I was hoping for something that’s not mine. God took me on this search. He was with me during the process and leading me in each step. I searched for a … Read More What to Live for

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