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Motherhood and Creative Work —What the Struggle Can Teach Us

1. I looked at my phone — 7:45. I took a deep, relieving breath and kicked off my outdoor sandals in exchange for my comfy sleepers. I’d just got back from walking my son to school. We’d transferred him to a new school this year for its short distance from home—10 mins walk, driving time saved and more margin for me to do the … Read More Motherhood and Creative Work —What the Struggle Can Teach Us


Mid-Year Refection 2022

Our experience won’t necessarily mature us, but the learning from our reflections on past events will.


Six Months in UAE (a gift inside)

How do you want to live in this unpredictable and problematic world?


How to Keep Peace While Pursuing Your Dreams — A note to creative moms

Do you desire more than a domestic life?


See Them as Soils — A Mindset Shift from Achieving to Becoming

We will never catch up if we chase an illusion.

Leaving Switzerland in Two Weeks and Final Sales

Living an abundant life can not be without purpose.

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