If there is anything that the late Queen Elizabeth II has inspired me, it is her commitment to showing up to her duty, people, country and calling. In showing up consistently, She formed her life of 96th years on earth and became the Queen dearly loved and honoured by her people and millions worldwide.

I’m no queen or VIP on the world’s stage. I’m just a Chinese mom in her late 30s living in Abu Dhabi, loving art and trying to make a career of it. What can I learn from the Queen? Well, It’s the commitment to keep showing up to the making of my art and life. And I think this lesson isn’t just for me, but all of us.

Keep showing up to an empty page on your computer screen, starting to type down words because you are here to craft an article or write the first chapter of your book. You may not feel inspired, or perhaps you are tired, but you keep typing down the words that came to your mind one after another anyway and allow the process to lead you.

Keep showing up to a blank canvas or piece of paper and start with making simple strokes. It feels scary because you don’t know what you are doing and don’t want to ruin the perfect piece of blank paper, but you keep making marks anyway. And if you give it time, the idea will come to you, even if it’s after discarding several pieces.

Keep showing up to your children, preparing the lunch box again and repeating what you said to them one more time. Keep showing up to your husband, carving time out for talking and listening, even if it’s sometimes late at night. Keep showing to your friends, inviting them to your home for fellowship around meals; even if you are not a great cook and food is burnt at the last minute, it will be overlooked, and people will still enjoy a lovely evening of your hospitality.

Last but not least, keep showing up to yourself and your connection with the divine. For me, meditating on the scriptures and praying fills me up. And, of course, schedule some time in the week to do something you love! Doing pilates almost daily is one of them for me.

My friend, we may not be the Kings or Queens of a nation, but we are the kings and queens in our own life. We are writing our life stories with our passions, creative gifts and personalities by Keeping Showing Up! When we leave the world, we may not be remembered by millions, but we will be remembered by our families, friends and the people we loved and served through the art we created (whether it is home-schooling, making sour-dough bread or designing fabrics) with what we had.

What are you doing with your art and skills to serve the people around you and out there?

If you need some help in identifying or developing your unique contribution, I wrote an ebook for you! Your past has much to say about your future; you can learn more here.

Until next time!

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