It’s a sunny day in Abu Dhabi, and the temperature here in late April has already climbed up to 35 degrees celsius. At the moment, I feel utterly blessed to sit by a gorgeous, quiet pool with my husband, across a golf field where deers would appear from time to time.

I haven’t got on this internet space for a little while. If you’ve been following me and ever wondered how Jun has been, I will tell you. But most likely, you didn’t even notice my absence in your busy, wonderful life. Well, thanks for reading along anyway. 🙂

Our family moved from Geneva to live in Abu Dhabi for six months already. Since it has been a significant change in location, culture, lifestyle and language, it took us quite some time to figure out things and feel settled.

We lived in a hotel for a month, and then we rented an apartment four times bigger than our Geneva one (thanks be to God); rented a car, then bought a second-hand SUV. It took about three months for my husband to exchange his Swiss driving license for the UAE license because of some glitch in the procedure. After the complicated paperwork, we got our Emirates ID and medical insurance and sent our kids to school. Then, there were school breaks and the time with the kids, cooking, dishes and house chores.

After failing the driving test three times in Switzerland, I finally got my UAE driver’s license. It felt like another level of a grown-up when I drive 10 minutes to pick up my daughter from the nursery.

While we engaged in our busy life, some terrible things were happening in other parts of the world. War, economic crisis, strict covid lockdown. On some days, I feel small and overwhelmed. How to live my life in this unpredictable and problematic world?

After some soul-searching, my final answer is to keep creating and offering art and beauty. I can’t change the politicians’ minds, but I could hopefully shift the mood and perspective of an exhausted mom when she finds my art and design online or reads my blog posts and emails, and her day might become just a bit more bearable.

So I invested in myself and my work. I took an online course called Immersion, created by Bonnie Christine. It’s a course that teaches creative entrepreneurship and surface pattern design with adobe illustrator. I learned so much and enjoyed it immensely. It is a very well-designed, eight-week course, one of the best I know.

I’m very excited to embark on a new journey of becoming a professional surface pattern designer. Meanwhile, I will keep selling my watercolour paintings and prints via my website. The law in UAE requires a trading license to sell anything online, and I’m still in the process of getting one to start my business officially. My email subscribers will be the first ones to know when the shop is open!

I want to ask you the same question that I asked myself: How do you want to live in this unpredictable and problematic world?

What can you offer to make someone’s life a little better? Is there a way to turn what you are good at and passionate about into a consistent offer for those who welcome it?

Before you leave to get on your day, I want to give you a gift. It’s one of the first digital prints I made with Adobe illustrator. May the image and words delight you and provide you with hope. Thanks for being here! 🙂

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