Dear creative mama,

Have you ever felt a little blue or lost when you chased after your children or wiped their dirty hands one more time? Do you desire more than a domestic life? Are you wondering how you can use your gifts and talents (not only your dishwashing or laundry-folding skills) to serve others and live your life purposefully and sustainably?

If so, I’m in the same boat with you and asking the same questions.

We want to make an impact in the world, and we want to make contributions that are larger than our sweet home life. After eight years working in a non-profit organization in my 20s, it’s certainly the case for me even after becoming a mom.

After trying to find out my unique contribution to the world, I took my best next steps. I wrote about this season and lessons learned on my blog, and you are welcome to skim through it.

Now, I’ve finally settled on the new job description that I captured in my IG profile. (See the picture below).

I’m very grateful for the clarity I’ve got so far, which was hard-won after many prayers, journaling, researching and online courses. However, it’s only the beginning and means much much work ahead.

I don’t know where you are at, fellow mama. Maybe you just started to feel the urge of wanting more than being a wife and mom and trying to figure out what you should do next. Or you are like me, hustling most days to develop your skills, your offers or level up your business.

I want to share a mindset shift I recently learned, and it will keep you grounded in peace while you pursue your wildest dreams.

Remember this: your life is not measured by your achievement but marked by who you become.

Some people live and breathe by their schedule. But it doesn’t have to be you. And it’s certainly not the only way to ensure growth.

In your season of early motherhood, many days, your schedule is interrupted, and much of your energy is demanded. Your creative ideas or flow doesn’t always come during the scheduled working hours. And my friend, it’s ok. It’s all part of the process. Even though your deep thinking journaling or painting may not produce any shareable content, they are still an essential part of your work and overall growth. Sometimes, growth is hidden and unseen.

You know your life is not your own but belong to God. You have decided to serve Him and His purpose with all you had a long time ago. He has faithfully led you to this point of life and showed you what you are meant to work on. Keep trusting His leadership. He knows that the Instagram algorithm is beyond your grasp and the best way to get the best business licence. He knows who will be the best mentor for you and how to get your blog posts, IG captions, and artwork to those who want them and are blessed by them.

God is more concerned about who you will become rather than what you will achieve.

When you focus on growing your character and your whole being through loving others, developing your God-given gifts, and learning to utilize modern technology to share your work and message, you will consequently take the forward steps and achieve things. The outcome, whatever it may look like, is merely the by-product. Since It is not your goal in the first place, you are winning, regardless, because you are growing and becoming who you were designed to be in the process.

My friend, I hope this post gives you some food for thought. Please share this post with your friends on social media if you find it helpful. You can also join my insider email list to receive exclusive email content and grab a free rose print right away.

Until next time! 🙂

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