I’m sitting at the dining table in a rented Airbnb apartment as I’m typing these words. Outside the window, the mountains, trees and housetops, everything is covered with snow on this April day, and millions of delicate snowflakes are tirelessly dancing from the sky.

Before we came to this place, a small town called Nesslau in the Swiss-German part, for our Easter holiday, we checked the weather on a sunny warm Spring morning in Geneva and saw it would be cold and snowing during the days we planned for the holiday.

Should we go? Regardless of the weather, will the kids have fun? Will we have much-needed space and rest? We prayed about it and felt the peace to go.

As it turns out, the apartment is a beauty. There is a triptych picture frame window in the living room facing a field and evergreen covered mountains. When we first arrived, the triptych was named Spring. Two days later, it magically changed to Winter Wonder Land. The kids have been happily occupied with a big trunk of toys in the living room’s playing area while the snow is falling outside.

Although holidays with young children almost guarantee challenges as it takes time for them to adapt to a new place, our time has been calming and nourishing, especially given it has been like a time standing at a threshold of some sort. My husband had an interview for a job recently and will have another one on Friday. We are looking at the possibility of relocating to another country.

As you can imagine, I have much to process. One morning, I got up early and sat in the living room by myself, watching the sun slowly rise behind the mountains, dyeing the sky the colour of bright orange. I prayed, listened and journaled in that quiet hour. God’s presence and Words comforted me. I know wherever we are to go, He will be with us, and we will be fine.

Perhaps it would be just like coming to this apartment in Nesslau—though the weather report didn’t promise us sunshine, it has exceeded our expectations for the time being. God knows us best and loves us well.

My friend, are you too, facing some unknown recently? Are you in a transition that has brought you anxieties? I pray that the peace and love of God will calm you down today, for the Creator of seasons will guide us in every season of our life.

I will catch up with you next week!

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