Transplanted to the soil of grace,
like a tree, she was putting down roots and growing every day.

She looked around and admired how great some people were,
wondered if she would be like them someday.

Who am I to be? What is my life purpose?
Eagerly, she searched for the answer everywhere.

Some told her to first serve others’ needs with what she had,
she would find her purpose later.

She took that advice and did it for several years,
only disappointedly to find out service didn’t automatically lead to purpose.

For the skills, she spent a lot of time using to serve,
wasn’t all she got, nor meeting her desires.

But thankfully, she didn’t consider those years wasteful at all.
It deepened her relationship with God and enlarged her capacity to love.

Then she came to realize there is a universe inside her
with many planets to be explored in her unique ways.

Throughout the years, she is most grateful to know her Creator,
in whom she asked for His thoughts about her and found freedom.

He reminded her what she loved doing and got lost into
when she was a child of fewer than ten years old.

She didn’t have many friends to play with then,
but reading, drawing, and writing were her best companion.

So she picked up what was almost forgotten
and became a wordsmith and beginner for watercolour.

How delighted she has been
to put hours into something truly life-living.

“Connect me with who I am in You”, she would pray,
“to create beauty and cheer up someone’s day.”

If you are searching for your purpose in some way, my friend,
I hope her story gives you a little clue of where to look.

Let it reminds you that inside you, a universe is to be explored,
more life to be found and more love to give.

You are in Christ, and Christ is in you.
Remember, being who you are is enough.

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