I recently read an update from my friends, a missionary couple in Jordan. They just moved to their new home in this new country two weeks ago with their two-year-old daughter, expecting the second baby.

Last year, when the whole world was in quarantine, this family were stuck in Nepal for a while. Then, they finally caught a flight to the UK, where the husband is from. A few months later, they travelled to New York to be with the wife’s family. And the next thing I heard was that they were to move to the Middle East long term and the wife was pregnant.

In their words: “Since mid-2018, we’ve lived in 11 different locations across the world if you only count those we’ve stayed at for more than one month (if we add every single place, it would be >30).” All of that was with a newborn baby growing into a toddler.

I believe it’s their “yes” to the calling of God in their life, and admire their courage and obedience. I can only imagine the hardship and challenges they must have faced in the process.

Meanwhile, one of the Christian entrepreneurs I follow on social media is having a luxe family holiday on an island. She is one of my favourite podcasters and teachers who gave me a new perspective on finances and how to align my life with purpose. She has taught thousands of people how to “chase purpose, not money” in their spheres of influence. I love what she has to offer.

And I look at my current season of life—- living in a 60 sqm apartment in one of the most beautiful and wealthiest countries, working on my first book while juggling with two young children and supporting my husband to build his business.

Our life may look vastly different on the outside, and sometimes, we may fall into the temptation to compare with others’ and feel insignificant.

“They seem to have a cool adventure and doing amazing things for Jesus. Her house looks so chic. Their holiday looks so relaxing and fun.”

However, we often forget that other people’s highlight we see is only on the outside. We can’t see the inside. We don’t know their stories. We don’t see the tears and the sweat, or what they had to sacrifice to get where they are.

The good news is, we all have a lane to walk, a unique life to live onto the Lord.

I’ve come to understand that your title makes no difference to God whether you are a missionary or a millionaire. What matters to Him is our attitude of obedience walking on the path as He leads.

Another thing that matters to God is what do we do with what we have. Do you remember Jesus’ parable of minas (Luke 19:11-27)? Each of us has been given gifts and talents. It’s our responsibility to recognise them and use them to multiply the value for others.

My friend, we have much work to do within our lanes. It’s a disservice to God and a waste of time to wish for someone else’ life.

What does the season look like for you? May you and I walk closely with God in our lanes and stay focused each day.

*** If you are a former missionary like me, or used to be in any full-time ministry , but now trying to find a new calling in a new season; or you resonated with this content and would love to have a deeper dive into defining your lane and God-given purpose, I’d love to help!

Just go here and leave me a message. I will get back to you soon!

Until next week, my friend!

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