The first week of 2021 has begun. I felt ready for this year more than ever. Partly because by the end of last year, my husband and I did an online annual goal-setting training that provided tools and clarity for the year ahead, and partly because we don’t have the kind of financial struggle as we did a year ago (I will share that story later. Subscribe to my blog to know first ;).

I’ve got many things lined up to tackle according to the annual goals I set. I was excited. However, the reality that my three-year-son is still on school holiday this week soon left me feeling behind.

This morning, I opened my email box and saw a poem quietly waiting. I clicked the email from A Network for Grateful Living and read the poem.

For a New Year

By Holly Wren Spaulding

Let plain things please you again
and every ordinary Monday.
Bean soup in a white bowl,
firewood in your arms.
The weight of longing.
That you have survived is evidence
that nothing is assured
but you are lucky.
Looking up from this page
let all of it surprise you—
piled mail, other people, the air.

I reread it, slowly, took a deep breath, and let these words sink in. They were like fresh air in my lunges.

Driven by the vision, reaching for the stars, sometimes it’s easy to neglect the simple blessings we already have in life and pause to give thanks. This poem made me feel I’m a rich person, not in what I could achieve but in what I’ve been gifted.

My friend, I’m writing this short blog post for you today, to remind you that it’s ok to start the year slow. God has seen that you are trying your best to live wholeheartedly for Him and His calling. He knew that you have young children to tend, dishes to watch, the doctor to see, and bills to pay.

I want to say this to you as I did to myself: “You are not behind.” You will mess up some days and not tackle your daily plans entirely, and that’s ok. Receive grace, and tomorrow will be a new day.

When you start the new day tomorrow, nevertheless, I want to encourage you to position yourself in the grace of God, so you could genuinely extend grace to yourself, family and friends. And stick to your goals and the steps you mapped out to get there.

I will be here, do the same with you, and cheer you on!

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