It’s the end of 2020, a year destined for history books.

How are you?

You may have faced difficulties that were bigger than life, grieved losses, and even regrets; however, my friend, the year has come to an end. You made it!

Let’s sink in that relief for a minute.

Even though the future is still somewhat uncertain, we do have some degree of control in our life. Wherever you are, my friend, I want to offer you three simple exercises that will help you to feel more ready to tackle the new year ahead.

  1. Write down a gratitude list for 2020

We can’t change anything that has happened this year, whether they were things in or out of our control, but we can always choose to channel our thoughts onto the bright side. I love what Henri Matisse said: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to take out your journal and begin to write a gratitude list for 2020. Don’t rush the process. Take time. You will be surprised by what you find.

I have many things to be thankful for: the health of my family, my son made new friends in his first semester of preschool, family walks in the woods during the pandemic lockdown, the kindness of our neighbors, the Swiss government, consistency in writing, connecting with my readers, books I read, new understanding about my work and new visions… the list can go on and on.

Frankly, the exercise of writing the gratitude list helped my husband and me to see that 2020 has been one of the best years where we’ve grown so much in our relationships and work. It gave us hope and trained us for whatever the future may bring.

I hope you will find your big or small wins in 2020 and be grounded in the mindset of abundance.

2. Evaluate the domains of your life

When you envision 2021, it’s helpful to divide your life into different domains, give them an honest assessment and consider how you want to improve any areas in the coming year.

You could look at your life in these eight domains:

Spiritual: your spiritual practices, something or someone with greater power you believe. For me, since I’m a Christian, it’s my relationship with God.

Intellectual: your learning and working capacity, mindset, mental health. Courses you take and books you read

Emotional: your ability to manage your emotions, especially negative ones

Physical: the way you take care of your body, mainly through eating and exercising

Relationship: your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, children, extended families, colleagues, friends, and church community

Vocational: your work

Avocational: your hobbies

Financial: your financial situation and your mindset and relationship with money

Where are you at in these domains of your life? Are you satisfied with each one? How can you improve? What do you want to achieve in any of them in 2021?

Write down your answers.

3.Consider the season of your life

Just like four seasons are spinning around each year in nature, our lives also go through different seasons. Each season, We have different needs to be met, lessons to learn, and growth to produce.

Like spring brings us the fragrance of new life and autumn the colorful harvest, each season of our life comes with treasures and gifts to be discovered. With this understanding, we will not mindlessly fumble through the current season but will take time to ponder, savor, learn, and grow, even when growth feels painful and lonely sometimes (know that you are never alone).

When you consider 2021, can you tell what season you are in each domain of your life? Do you know what should be the priorities of the season?

If you just graduated from university, this season’s priority may be to find an entry-level job that suits you the best and grow from there.

If you just gave birth to a baby, the priority may be to slow down, take as many naps as possible, nurture the newborn, heal your body, and learn to be a parent.

If you just started or are about to start your business, the priority may be to take the online coaching, create content, and test that platform.

It’s essential to know your season and the priorities that fit into the season because, like asking for watermelons in winter, it would be unwise to want things out of season.

Now, dear friend, get your gratitude list out, set your mind on your wins, ground yourself in the truth that you have all you need to live your life purpose and revise your answers from exercise 1 after you define your priorities in the context of your current season. And from what you’ve written, you can set some SMART goals.

I hope these exercises get you more ready and give you a clearer vision for 2021! If you found this article helpful, you would want to follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my blog and my newsletters for more inspiration, tips, and freebies to live in abundance in every season!

Until next week, Happy New Year!

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