I’ve been writing on my blog weekly (apart from one vacation week) since the beginning of the year. Despite having two young kids, I’m so glad that I have stuck with it so far.

The beginning of my serious pursuit of writing was because I wanted to publish a book one day. I wanted to be an author. However, I wasn’t sure about what kind of book I wanted to write.

So I just kept writing blog posts. The more I write, the more I understand the purpose of writing. It’s not just for my internal processing, for finding an elegant, well-structured sentence, for expressing my thoughts and feelings. It’s mostly for benefiting you, my readers, to make your life better in some way.

With this purpose in mind, I want more engagement with my readers. I’d like to know more about who you are, where you are from, what you do, and what you are seeking in your current season of life.

I can sense a pivot is coming in my work. I’m praying about it and seeking other’s counsels. I will share more about it later. The bottom line is, I want to serve you better through my writing or other forms of communication in my future work.

The purpose and joy of life are in our contribution to others, big or small. Each one of us is precious and unique. Your voice, creative expressions, skills, experiences truly matter!

At the end of this short post, I want to encourage you to keep up your creative work even if today it’s just a side hustle. And keep learning new things for your work. I’m not a pro (maybe one day I will be ). I’m far from “having arrived,” but that’s not the point. If I hadn’t committed to writing weekly on my blog about a year ago, I wouldn’t gain a clearer vision for my work today. You never knew where your side hustle would lead you one day. Just keep showing up for the work. What’s more, know that someone out there needs what you have to offer!

If you’d like to keep following along and allow my work to make your life a little better, I’d love to hear from you! Please go here, and tell me about you!



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