Have you ever woke up in the morning, feeling so tired that you wish to go straight back to sleep again? But you knew you couldn’t because you have kids to feed or work to do. A day full of plans and responsibilities is awaiting.

I’m sure you have been there. So have I. In fact, it was the case this morning. I woke up early at the sound of my toddler’s crying. Soon after, my four months old daughter woke up, and I knew it was time to breastfeed her. So I did, with my son lying beside us, singing his joyful morning songs. I could barely open my eyes. 

When I finished feeding my daughter, my husband took the kids. I lied on my bed for just a little longer. All the plans for the day started running through my mind. I felt restless. I began to pray. Then, I felt God reminded me, “Focus on the good.” 

Focus on the good. I mustered my strength and got out of bed on that note.

I opened the curtain to let the light come in. It was a cloudless sunny day. My husband had put out toasted bread, butter, jam, and coffee on the table. I sipped the coffee, gave thanks. I reminded myself, “Jun, you have all that you need for today. ”

Today is a unique day. It never happened, and it will never happen again. Yesterday has gone, and tomorrow hasn’t arrived. All I have is today. Today is a gift. It’s a blank canvas for me to make new strokes on. The choice of color tones is mine. 

We live in a chaotic world now with the crashing waves of Covid-19 headlines. The cloud of unknown hovers above our heads while we are confined in our homes most of the time. We wear face masks when shop groceries in the supermarket. We social-distance ourselves. Nothing feels normal. 

But, hey, we’ve still got today. This day. The rest of the day. 

I was encouraged by these verses : 

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. (2 Peter 1:3 NIV)

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:2 NIV)

No matter how bad the whole situation seems to be or how tired I feel, my primary goal in life remains unchanged—- to live my life pleasing to God. Today, I have been given everything I need in Christ to live out that goal, whether it is in my writing, housework, or interacting with my husband and kids. I can start by focusing on the good. 

Dear reader, in case you might need to be reminded today, we are not living in scarcity. We are living in the kingdom of God, the land of abundance. We can draw all the strength and grace we need from our Father. Perhaps you feel tired and weary right now, please know, God sees your every step of obedience and faith, and he is using them to make a difference in the world for His glory. We may not see it or feel it now, but one day, with many others, we will appreciate the painting of love we choose to create on our canvas of today.

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