Just watched a film called Brooklyn. It’s about an Irish girl saying goodbye to her hometown and going to New York searching for a new life, a better life. My husband and I watched it together on our “fun night” and we both loved it.

I loved it because it reminded me a lot of my own feeling in the past. Saying goodbyes and moving on had been what my life all about since college for over ten years. Said goodbye to college friends, joined Bridges. Said goodbye to C team members, went to Perth. Said goodbye to friends in Perth, went to N. Said goodbye to N team members, went to Burtigny Switzerland. Said goodbye to Burtigny, went to Lausanne. Meanwhile got to know some friends in Geneva. Said goodbye to friends in Lausanne, went to Barcelona. Finally, while still in Barcelona, I married to one of the friends I made in Geneva. And for the first time I tasted what it meant to feel settled. I found my home on earth.

I also said goodbyes to my hometown and to many other countries and cities, to come to live in Geneva today.

I said goodbyes to many boys I’d met, to become the wife to my husband.

Life is an adventure, a beautiful long journey. I’m grateful for every person I’ve met on this journey. I’ve learnt so much from all the friends I made throughout the years. With most of them, we now only have contact on Facebook. Some of them, I’ve never heard from. But memories with them will never die. And those memories, those times spent with them have shaped who I am today.

Life moves on. Living in another country isn’t easy. Different language, different culture. Just like the girl Ellis from the film, I got homesick so bad when I first came to Burtigny Switzerland. It’s small village. It was nothing like anywhere I’d lived. I felt very lonely. It was a hard beginning. However, least did I knew back then, years later I would start my own family and settle in this country, learn the language and fall in love with its beauty.

And, this is still just the beginning. My past has led me to this point of life, living in Geneva and having become a wife and mom. But there is so much more for all of us. For our family, it feels like that we are on a big ship right now and it’s sailing to take us to another new place. And just like Ellis shared with a young girl on the way back to America about what she’d learnt, some important tips about living on ship and going through customs of the new country, we share what we’ve learnt through where we’ve been with others, to help them out and to see them thrive, as it’s been what many others  kindly did to us in the past.

That’s the most beautiful thing of this long journey.

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