Dream on…


I moved back to Geneva from Barcelona two weeks ago. I had graduated from two years’ theology study the day before I flew out to Geneva. It was a lovely sunny day on my graduation day, and I was feeling very fulfilled and grateful.

The past two years went by so fast. It’s been full, flavorful and sometimes very intense. I learnt so much about the Bible and God, much more than what I had expected for. I learnt how to study the Bible in depth, how to use commentaries, the church history, and different schools of theological thoughts and how to evaluate each one of them, and so much more… It’s been very precious to live and study with a group of committed Christians and we sharpened each other’s thoughts and characters every day. This two-year’s study truly has been a gift from the Father. Many people prayed and helped me in this journey. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Another super grateful thing for me has been, I got married, right before my last semester started. And by the time I graduated, I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Wanting to be married and becoming a mom has been a long time dream for me. I had been single for many years before I met my husband at Geneva Chinese church. That was about three years ago, before I went to study, and I was living in Burtigny then, a village not far from Geneva. As he and I were getting to know each other as friends, I found myself really into him. While I was hoping maybe something could happen between us, I received an offer to study theology in Barcelona. Though I had been seeking the Lord for the next step, when I first heard this, I didn’t want to go at all. Because I just made some new friends in Geneva and met a guy I really like. How could I say goodbye to all that’s just become familiar and move to a new country and people again? I was 30 at that time and so tired of moving, and was dreaming of settling down somewhere and have a life. I prayed and cried, until I knew it was God. It was an offer from God ultimately. So I trusted God, left all my emotions, desires and dreams behind, moved to Barcelona for a new life that I knew nothing about. Once again, faith won out! Though it seemed so impossible, over a year later, the man I liked asked me to be his girlfriend on skype. A couple of months later, we got engaged, and then married…

I didn’t think I would come back to Switzerland when I left for Barcelona. In fact I didn’t know where I would be at all after my study and had no plan for the future. All I knew was that God had led me there, so He will lead me to the next, and the next…

Moving back to Geneva with my husband is really a testimony of a good God. Geneva was once a city where I dreamed to settle in with a bunch of good friends and a loving community. Now it became reality.

I’m three months pregnant now, doing not much at the moment. But I’ve signed up for a 5 weeks French intensive class, starting in 10 days. I’d love to pick up French again and be fluent at it, so that I can talk more to my neighbours and be more helpful. I’m dreaming and praying for what’s yet to come…

The older I get, the more I appreciate the rhythm of life in Christ. There’s time to laugh, and time to cry; time to go fast, and time to slow down. God’s timing is really the perfect time. I’ve been learning not to be anxious or eager for anything, instead, really feeling into every day, every stage and every season of life, and stay close to the Father. And because of the goodness of God, you and I can always dream again, dream on!


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