Way to Live


The story began with this young girl who lost her dad, was sent away from her mom and adapted to a new family. It was during the second world war, in Germany, where death and fear had been shrouded the whole nation especially among the Jews.

It was a rather heavy historical context. In the beginning, I was not sure if I wanted to continue this movie which is associating with that particular history. but I waited, until I noticed that in losing everything, this girl still stayed calm, which grasped my attention and deepened my curiosity.

There are many versions of the abstract of the story out there and I don’t want to repeat again. I just want to say that it’s a story about courage, loyalty, and perseverance. It’s about really living your life even when there seems to be no hope to live for. I was really touched.

There’s one scene where the girl’s adoptive father was trying to defend his neighbor before a German officer when his neighbor was enlisted to join the army. Yet because of that, his own name was recorded also, which means he would have to leave the family and join the army soon. The father was crying later before his family and regretting of the action for helping the neighbor. And the girl looked at him intently and said, “sometimes, we just have to, because we are human.”

In the dark time like this, something inside of them still seeks to give and help others, even when it means risking their lives. To me, that’s the real humanity. That’s the way God’s redeemed us to become. And Jesus paid the price for it.

I was challenged. I think about the dark years of Chinese modern history, the “Cultural Revolution”, where lots of horror stories of the ugliness of human nature happened. I’m sure there were tons in the west as well, especially in the war times.

My heart started to yearn. It’s deeper than just some emotional response. Maybe, it’s my Spirit yearning to live out her fullness, which was made originally by her Creator –beautiful, pure, selfless and full of kindness and love, the opposite of the “ugly human nature”.

This movie has stuck in my head for quite some time now. It almost gives me an unexplainable joy and strength every time I think about it. I, too, want to live like that…

There’s a quote that inspired me,” all of us will die, but just a few truly lived.” I want to truly live my life, in integrity, loyalty, honesty, purity, and joy… I want to live the life Jesus made available to me through His redemption. The fullness of life. Until the end of the day, Death would know that he really has lost his hook on me.

May you and I live inspiringly every day!

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