I went to Nyon on a beautiful Friday afternoon, after attending one week’s class on “Teaching and Learning Styles.” I had a lot in my mind and tried to process them as I walked along the lakeside. Eventually, I sit down by the water, looking at the swans playing. A moment of peace. A moment of stopping asking questions.

I’m someone who always likes to find out the answer to the why. Purpose and vision are so important to me. Knowing where I’m heading and making sure I’m on the right path is crucial. But unfortunately or fortunately, no matter how hard I try, life is not only full of joys and blessings but unknowns, surprises, pains, and testings.

Bearing with my feelings and emotions and trying to process them with time, I found that the only thing I could do was to just be. Be with God, people, and myself, and keep living my life (like eating, showering, and cleaning my room).

Two people I barely know from two places this week came to me and told me that they felt God loves me very much. When the second person told me this, my heart moved by the love of God. I eventually responded to Him, thank You for loving me. Thank You for being with me in my lowest times.

Last night there was a thunderstorm outside. Lying on my comfortable bed in my clean, cozy room, I started to thank God for His provision. Thank God for giving me so much more than just a roof on a cold night.

Other people’s testimonies came to mind. I do have a cloud of witnesses of God’s faithfulness around me. How come somewhere along the way, I started to question if it would still be true today? If it would be true in my life or my situation? Look at the birds in the sky and flowers in the fields. God even takes care of them!

I let go of my anxieties and worries. I come to Your presence again. I don’t know how others live, but I know I need to go into the deep water with You. I want to dive into Your Ocean. Let’s hang out, God. Allow me to be with You. When the dawn light appears, and the time is right, only then will You take me on the journey again.

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