What is Out There?



I have a desire for inquiry. I ask a lot of questions. It’s just natural to me. One of the factors leading me to start doubting about Evolution and believing in a Creator, was through asking questions after reading a little book about faith and science when I was in my first year of university in China. Science has always been fascinating to me. I remember I loved physics when I was in high school…

The past Saturday, with a group of friends, I visited CERN in Geneva. CERN stands for The European Organization for Nuclear Research. Our tour guide was a Christian Scientist. He took us around and shared patiently the significant history of each discovery and invention. Of course, I understood everything (joking)… To me, it was simply amazing!! Do you know in some part of Switzerland and some part of France,  100 meters underground, there is a circle of a network of six accelerators and a decelerator? Each machine in the chain increases the energy of particle beams before delivering them to experiments or to the next more powerful accelerator? ( Just got that professional expression from WIKI) And it’s been running for decades! Later he shared about the formation of the universe. The Big Bang theory. There’s a strong sense of design of the universe. And it’s been proved it’s not infinite. It doesn’t make sense if we say the beautiful and complex universe just came to pass by itself from a mess…

I felt so privileged to be part of the visit and really loved it! I feel like I got to know the Creator a bit better. How amazing I actually have a relationship with Him? How amazing that I’m actually talking to Him, hearing from Him and living by His words every day??? It’s just mind-blowing!

There are so many things can’t be explained by words, or by the logic of our mind. Who are we? We are sooooo tiny compared to the universe. We are nothing. Yet so often we act like we are the center of the universe…

Living in the grace of God is not just my feeling but the reality. Like I said many things can’t be explained. Let me share with you some precious moment of mine which is unexplainable. Sunday after attending church in Geneva, I had to go back to a friend’s apartment really quick to get my stuff and get on a train then head back home. The friend had a bike. She was going to bike home and I was gonna take the bus. But it would be for a while for the bus to come and I had to change to another one. In fact, my friend’s place is not super far away. Therefore, I decided to walk and run to her place. So, she took off first on her bike and I started to run… I’m not a good runner but I tried to be fast. I was wearing my black trench coat and leather shoes, having long black hair down, definitely didn’t look sporty. I mean people don’t run like that when they dress formally. But, I felt Joy when I was running through the busy streets of Geneva and (probably) getting all kinds of looks from people, I felt sweet joy. I felt the Lord was with me and speaking to me, I mean, the Creator of the universe. I felt happiness can be this simple, free to run, free to do things that are “not supposed to”… After I arrived at my friend’s place, guess what? My friend was just finished locking her bike. We arrived about the same time… 🙂 And I told you, I’m not a good runner and didn’t run very fast! All I knew was that I felt God and His delight in me during my running.

Ok, enough said. The point is… the point is why don’t you get out your comfortable habitual thinking box, and try to discover what’s out there. What’s outside of your own perspective and belief? Why don’t you ask God the questions about Himself? He is delighted in answering those. He loves inquiry minds.

Nice weather outside. I think I’m gonna go for a run later…

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