Who likes to talk about fear? I know I don’t. But somehow I gave myself this subject to blog about this time. I don’t really know why. Perhaps I could challenge myself to explore further in this subject and become more fearless.

I had many fearful moments throughout my life. Fear of rejection, fear of not fit in, fear of losing beloved ones, fear of living a mediocre life, fear of being alone, fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of criticism…( And what are your fears? )

I recently recovered from an allergic reaction which caused a terrible swollen of my face and body. For about a week, I looked absolutely bizarre. My whole face was swollen up and I could hardly recognize myself from a mirror. The doctor reminded me that if the allergic reaction progressed it might cause breathing difficulty and of course I need to go to the hospital immediately. And who knew how long the symptom was going to last? When you were in a storm of life, the storm sometimes seemed never-ending… I felt very drained, tired and fearful. I tried to cheer myself up, but sometimes, my new built small faith would be soon crashed by just looking at the fear and worry from another person’s eyes. Fear is contagious.

How do we calm down in fear? How do we find peace again? People seek different ways. People get desperate.

I was praying and worshiping every day during my sickness. God’s presence comforted me. By His words, I knew this storm will eventually be over. I will be fine again. For me, there was nothing I could hold on to and put my hope in except God’s word. I can consult the doctors but I can’t count on them for healing, nor can I give my pain to them. It doesn’t work that way. But my experience with God has taught me that He loves me and has the power to heal. Therefore I hoped in Him again.

Everyone needs hope when facing fear. No hope, no peace. So many people were disappointed and hurt because they hoped for something eventually failed them.

Yet I hoped in God. My hope in God is not something I was born with; it’s something I’ve learned throughout the years by reading the Bible, praying and acting upon His word…I learned that the opposite of fear is faith. And faith brings us hope.

With the hope I had, I waited on Him. I waited for the seemly unending storm to end. And the day finally arrived. I got better and better…

The little journey of sickness tested me. Thankfully I came out of it having obtained a bit more faith and become a bit more fearless. I love the way God challenges me. When some words from others made me feel a little poke in my sensitivity, God said to me, ” You should be more secure than that.” I could even feel the smile on His face.

We could find so many justifications for our fears and insecurities. We could avoid talking about it or pretending it’s not there. We could get on our days in motions and do many things still with the fear inside. But, we can’t grow any stronger if we don’t confront the fear. And we need the medicine for fear: faith.

May you and I be more fearless.

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